If you experience technical difficulties please contact us as soon as possible via WeChat to let us know you are having technical problems so we can help you. The class will be charged at full price and 1-2 minutes extra will be added to the end of the class time where possible.

If we experience technical difficulties then we will reschedule any portion of the class that has been missed.


If you need to take leave due to sickness please inform us as soon as possible (at least 1 hour before class) and we can reschedule. You will not be charged for the lesson if you need to cancel due to sickness. However, if you continue to cancel with less than 24 hours notice frequently then you may be charged for last-minute cancellations.

If we are sick we will try to inform you as soon as possible and you will not be charged for the class.


Please inform us at least 5 days in advance if you wish to take a holiday and miss a scheduled class. In this case, we can rearrange. We will inform you in advance if we need to take a holiday and reschedule.

There is no restriction on the amount of holiday you or we may take but both parties will be respectful of the commitment to classes and try to rearrange where possible.


If you are late or do not show for class (without prior communication) then the class will still be charged at full price and end at the normal arranged time. It takes us a long time to prepare for class, set up the meeting, and communicate to find out where the student is, therefore you must always tell us in advance (at least one hour notice for sickness, 5 days notice for holiday) about a canceled class if you wish to avoid paying the usual class fee.

If we are late to class we will add the missed class time to the end of the class or a future class.